Delivering The Goods

Design a program that delivers more than just compliance; delivering CX and solutions in a humanised way


Compliance is important in every organisation – for your business, and for the protection of your customers. 

Traditional quality programs have focused on compliance to regulation, policy, and call flow. To transform your customer experience, you need to transform your quality framework, and – don’t panic – that can mean loosening the reins. 

This is more than just quality, compliance is important, but so is CX.


  • Work out what in your quality framework adds value to your customers – either through protecting them, or through ensuring their needs are met. Throw away anything that doesn’t hit those marks.
  • If you can, ramp up your insights capability through technology (e.g. speech, sentiment and text analytics).
  • Build customer journey & transaction maps to reflect what you’re hearing and seeing.


  • Take your insights and do something with them. It is great to collect, but they’re only powerful if you act on them to change the customer experience. 
  • If you’re collecting insights and they’re the same as they were last month, you haven’t acted on the opportunities in front of you.

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